SpellingCity is a company which owns and runs two product lines.  Both are focused on providing educational software for schools and families.

vocabulary spelling websiteVocabularySpellingCity.com – A leading web site in schools and for consumers, the innovation is the automation of the methods used to study vocabulary and spelling. Typically, teachers integrate the weekly word list with skill-building such as handwriting, vocabulary, reading, fluency, and reading. VocabularySpellingCity facilitates this integration while dramatically simplifying and automating the process. Plus, kids and teachers love it! VocabularySpellingCity  has about 2 million unique visits per month during the school year. AnalogiesAntonymsCompound WordsPlural NounsSyllables and SegmentingSynonymsSight WordsHeteronymsMultiple Meaning Words, and Sound Alike Word Lists.

Science4Us.com – Sixty-four percent of American students are behind grade level expectations for science by fourth grade.  In our modern world where STEM competence is vital to student and national success, this is tragic. Science4Us is designed to address this problem at its roots. After years of neglect, there is increased interest in science education converging with the release of the NGSS. Science4Us is an effective digital solution for a K-2nd inquiry-based science curriculum that addresses both the teacher and student’s needs.  School districts and foundations are invited to contact us to learn more.  For more information on Science4Us: