Elementary Science Program

The Science4Us curriculum is a complete, standards-based, core science curriculum that delivers digital science experiences to early elementary students. Digital learning can have a positive effect on students’ conceptual and procedural knowledge as well as their motivation to learn. In addition, science understanding, literacy and ultimately, academic gains, can be achieved through the use of computer-based programs that provide opportunities for digital explorations and virtual investigations. Science4Us provides foundational science knowledge in a way that truly engages the learner and will lead more students to reach for the STEM-related jobs and industries of the future.

The mission of Science4Us is to provide a solid foundation of fundamental science concepts for students in their formative years, on which a deep understanding and interest in science can be built. Science4Us realizes that the teacher is an integral part of our mission. Without the proper resources and support, teachers often struggle to single-handedly provide the foundation early elementary students need. The Science4Us curriculum includes pedagogical and content training for teachers, embedded and on-demand, that does not require a large time commitment. Science4Us provides all of the support that teachers with no time or budget need to confidently and effectively lead exemplary science lessons, enabling them to work with us in achieving our mission.


Curriculum Overview

Scope and Sequence